If you want to learn how to make money online, No one is going to help you for FREE …You will either need to buy ebooks, courses and membership programs to learn and start your first internet business OR you will need to search the whole web to find information on Internet businesses.

In both cases you will not get the whole picture because every one is here to make money and if they started to give you all the stuffs for FREE, then how they are going to earn money. [This is the truth]

So this made me realize that there has to be a free source for all the newbies and those who can’t afford to invest to learn Internet Businesses and are keenly interested to make their first dollar online.


This is why I decided to start Mustajaab.com “To Help Newbies and
Beginners Make Money On Internet for FREE”.

Yes it is going to be FREE to learn here.

Of course I am also here to make money online but instead of making money from YOU, I will first help you to earn your first dollar on internet. And once you are ready to make money online then all I ask is to pay me back in the shape of promoting and sharing this website with your friends. [Yap that is what I ask in return from you and if you don’t want to share then that is completely fine. I am still happy… As long as you make money with my courses.]

And it is going to be the ultimate place for learning different Internet Businesses. It is not just about making money on internet but I will be helping you to start your stable and professional internet business…That is going to pay you back for the rest of your life.

At Mustajaab.com my readers will have different Internet Businesses to learn and start.

But what does the word Mustajaab mean?

It is the name of my son “MustaJaab Ahmad”.  In September, 2013 he just came to this world and changed my life completely. I now feel more blessed and wealthy. And this blog is my dedication to my cute son.

Here is the picture of my baby.

Mustajaab Ahmad

(Yap, he is so cute. 🙂 )

About Me…

My name is Bilal Ahmad and from the past 6 years I am involved in different Internet Businesses. Most of my friends and readers know me as a “Professional Blogger”. If you don’t know what is Blogging, then hold on because this is the exact businesses I will be teaching here in this website for FREE.

However apart from Blogging, I am also involved in several other businesses and I will be teaching all these here for Free. I started my online career in 2009 and in this short career I have learned so many things, made several mistakes, failed several times and also made huge money.

My qualification is MBA but my interest is with computer and Internet. I wanted to became a computer programmer but my father pushed me in the commerce field. But anyways being an MBA I am now more focused and equipped with the techniques of running my own successful businesses.

I completed MBA in 2012 and did not opted for a job because I always wanted freedom in my life and that is what Internet is giving me. I am free to do whatever I want to.

This is Me… (Bilal Ahmad)

Bilal Ahmad

(Yap, I am still young. 🙂 )

What to expect from Mustajaab.com?

This website is going to be the ultimate resource for making money online for FREE. You will learn different profitable Internet Businesses and Techniques that will help you to make your first dollar on Internet.

There are different ways to make money on internet and I will be sharing all these techniques where I have expertise and experience. Initially I will be the only author contributing in this website. However later I will try my best to bring other experts in their fields too… to help you make money in professional way.


This is the whole story about ME and this Website. Now navigate to the Home Page and pick the course you are interested in to make your first dollar online for FREE.

Time is Money… So don’t waste further time because all your life you were waiting for this opportunity and now it has come to you. Remember it is free to learn here. You don’t need to pay me cash, you don’t need to register and there are no restrictions. All you need is to take some time and start taking your first course.

See you inside.

Thank you for your time and keep me in your prayers.

Bilal Ahmad

Bilal Ahmad

This website was started on 29 September, 2013.